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Live a pure and healthy life and enjoy the quality and goodness of Truly Pure products – crafted with love and packaged using innovative technology with absolute surety about purity. #trulypure


Milky Moo Milk
Litchi Lassi
litchi lassi
Chocolate Chhenapoda
Chocolate Chhenapoda
Standardised Vitamin Milk
Probiotic Dahi
probiotic dahi
Mishti Dahi
Aam Dahi
aam dahi
Aam Dahi
Light & Creamy MithaMishtiDahi
quality packaging

international quality packaging

Global standards of packaging materials are used to maintain the purity and quality of our products. We pioneered TRIPAK technology which prevents light damages to milk. We adopted German Multivac technology to pack Milky Moo fresh Paneer which has one of the longest shelf life of around 21 days.

ethical milk sourcing

Ethical Milk Sourcing

When you buy a Milky Moo product, you can be sure that you have purchased an Ethically Sourced Milk product, thereby contributing to the financial betterment of the rural ecosystem. Our Ethical Milk Sourcing Programme ensures that not only does the farmer get the right price each and every time, but also, our network farmers are able to access a variety of extension services aimed at bringing in quality and clean milk production.

pure guarantee

Truly pure

Did you know sugar, Hydrogen Peroxide and caustic soda are some of the commonly used adulterants in dairy industry? But rest assured, Milky Moo products are made from Truly Pure milk, free from any adulterant, for nourishing a pure and healthy life. It follows a strict Purity Chain right from milk sourcing, processing, packaging till the point of delivery.

Milky Moo

Milky Moo is the flagship brand of fresh dairy products of Milk Mantra. We are a little company with BIG ideas.
With a challenger approach and intuitive consumer insight, we create exciting and engaging products and brands that consumers love; differentiating on Design Thinking - product innovation, packaging design and brand messaging.
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